Our Story
M and C
My name is Charles Okang with my wife Mary. In January 2004, I traveled to Ghana for the funeral of my sister Olivia.  During the funeral, there was much talk about a baby that was abandoned by the roadside, but the issue did not touch me because I was preoccupied with the funeral.


However, on my way back to the United States at 33,000 feet over the North Atlantic Ocean, I had a dream about an orphanage for abandoned babies. I revealed the dream to my wife, Mary, at JFK airport and she said, “we can do it.”


I rallied members and leaders of The Happy Church and shared my new dream with them. We organized fund raising concerts, silver coin collections and sales of artifacts from Ghana. We have raised 25,000 US dollars in two years, amidst disappointments, failures and discouragement.

In July 2006, we leased a piece of property in Accra , Ghana , and registered Love-a-Lot Children’s Home.
My heart desire is echoed by Psalm 82 verse 4, “Defend the cause of the weak and the fatherless: maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed. Rescue the weak and needy.”
 Today, we have rescued and facilitated the adoption of six children by loving families in the United States of America, one child was adopted in Ghana and two children have been resettled back to their original families.



 Dr. Brian and Candice Simmons, the then senior Pastors of Gateway Christian Fellowship who also happened to be our spiritual parents believed in this dream. They supported Love A Lot both tremendously. Love A Lot wouldn’t have been successful or even taken off the ground without the steady hand of leadership and true love by these servants of God. 

weston crop
Pastors Weston & Karen Brooks are the Senior Pastors of River of Life Christian Fellowship in Tolland, Connecticut. In March 2011, we formed a new partnership with River of Life Christian Fellowship and this partnership has created an immense bond between the two churches, a synergism which has empowered members of both ministries to foster a common goal of reaching out to the needy orphans in Ghana, West Africa. We are very excited about this new partnership and we know this union will enhance the visions of our churches and create opportunities for future joint projects.
The vision still continues and the rest of our story is still being written. Join Us!!!