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A home that fosters active learning, supports the whole child and maintains a child-centered environment. We work closely with each child to build a positive self-image, self-concept and self-esteem. We are committed to providing the children with their basic needs including basic education which will launch them into the initial path for further educational development.

Mission Opportunities

Volunteer church workers  has been visiting  the Orphanage since 2006. During the mission, the group undertook different kinds of activities to help improve the lives of the occupants in the orphanage and some communities in Ghana.  They did voluntary works such as painting and decorating the orphanage. They visited various denominations and Christian fellowships.


Your Help is a MIRACLE

Become a partner and help us reach out to many children. There are more kids who need this great experience. A chance of  a live time. to live a normal life. This you can help bring to pass.  No donation is small. Contribute to support this great work.